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Exclusive Photography Studio

The textbook definition of Boudoir is “a woman’s bedroom or private room.”

Blush Boudoir is here to remind you how stunning you are, stretch marks and all. We are here to represent the real women. The women that love chocolate and pizza, the women that embrace their curves and love their bodies. You are powerful, unstoppable and above all strong. You do the damn thing, everyday, no matter what. That deserves to be celebrated. Let us celebrate with you.

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We are proud of you, you are admirable and yes, beautiful too. Blush is here for you, your sister, your cousin, your best friend, your mom, your aunt, your daughter.

Lets ignite the flame within, we can make the magic happen. If you’re ready to embrace the beauty you were born with, you are in the right place. We look forward to meeting you!

Our Studio:

Blush Boudoir
41 Washington Ave, Grand Haven MI 49417

Are you in need of a Photographer in Grand Haven MI? Jennifer Delfgauw, photographer and founder of Blush Boudoir.

Blush Boudoir is West Michigan’s trusted and exclusive photography studio. Founded by Jennifer Delfgauw, and built from her dedication and passion.

Jennifer’s dedication to empowering women gave birth to this beautiful business. With the skills Jennifer has behind the camera, and the comfort she brings to her studio, Blush Boudoir has gifted it’s clients confidence, strength and empowerment.

Your experience with Blush Boudoir includes an afternoon of professional pampering and a once in a lifetime opportunity to be reminded of the beauty within.

Your photos will make for an elegant gift, an amazing memory, a powerful message or simply another outlet to feel unstoppable through. This is an experience you will never forget and forever cherish.

We look forward to working with you, reach out to us today!